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What is an effective organization?

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Three things:

1. An effective organization is one that regularly achieves its mission(s). The plural is important. These are missions not like the aphoristic mission in the mission statement of an organization (which are important as well), but missions as in what are we trying to accomplish? What are we trying to change? A business, non-profit, or a hospital will have a handful at most, and rarely in an effective organization is one of those identified as profit. Profit is a goal, not a mission. They are different. Schools have more than twenty mission areas. This should not be a surprise. We don't feed students in school to keep them on camps so they can work an extra twenty minutes a day, we feed them because student wellness is at the level of mission. Schools are ten businesses all functioning as one.

2. Those missions are meaningful. They go the heart of why the organization does what it does.

3. People want to work there.

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