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The mission framework

Several frameworks help keep us honest in our work. The Mission Framework keeps our eyes squarely on where accountability should be focused. This is very important in schools, where it is all too easy to put accountability in the weeds (testing does just that, which is only one reason why it is inadequate for accountability). And whereas a business, non-profit, or hospital will have a handful go mission areas, schools will have between 20-30. That is because our missions includes wellness, engagement, achievement, readiness, and so much more, and even within those larger missions we need to be able to explain our work to others with more detail than in those broader categories.

Keeping accountability at the level of mission is the only way to communicate the complexity of what happens in a school to those who aren't in the weeds with us. It is also the only way to get real help from those who are outside education and care. The missions represent a powerful point from which to talk about and determine the effectiveness of our work.

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