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Test Sense will shortly be bravEd

More than a decade ago when I started Test Sense we were all about a better accountability for schools, but there was still enough of a vestige of the old way of thinking that the word "test" crept into the name. With each passing year we have done a better and better job getting past that old bias, until now, when our initial presentations of true accountability don't even mention the word.

As more and more schools and districts have signed on to the True Accountability movement, it has become harder and harder to support them to the degree we should. We have never been interested in becoming a consulting company. Rather, we have always done consulting because that was how we supported the movement. And while we don't anticipate that part of it ever going away completely, we need to find ways to support schools and remain committed to the ideas more than anything else.

With the pandemic came the opportunity to do just that. The traditional consulting model was put on hold almost overnight, and suddenly we had the time we had long complained of not having to think about a new model. From that a new organization and a new way of doing the work has emerged.

bravEd will be that new organization. It is more than just a renaming or a rebranding. Rather, it's a signal that we don't intend to do things in the old way, but in a new and better way. The new website is here. Please bookmark it and sign up for the new blog--we promise, with our newfound time in the office we will be more vigilant than ever in keeping it current. In the next few days Test Sense will go offline and searches will direct them to the new bravEd site.

Accompanying bravEd is a new learning portal called the bravEd Way. The purpose of this portal is to support schools and districts interested in the conversion to a true educational accountability. Our learning curve at making movies and moving content online has been steep, but the excitement at reaching more and more schools and districts across the country makes it all worthwhile. The current site is still in beta mode, but you can access it here and I encourage you to do so. Just sign up and you'll have access to the initial content. We plan to spend most of the next six months moving our entire library of content into the portal. I'm especially grateful for a new partnership with Schlechty Center who are supporting the portal work and it will be a much better experience for participants as a result.

My new email is Let me know what you think. And when you start seeing the social media pieces over the next few weeks, I hope you'll be willing to help promote what we're all about.



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